About Us

The Real NY Hypehouse is a group of creators, artists, entertainers, and extraordinary people coming together that highlight what is best about NY. This platform is to promote them, their work, and entertain our members with NY rich content.


Rick Barletta


I was born in Syracuse, NY and have lived in and around the area for most of my life. My wife and kids were also born here and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My story is very much like many others' in the area. I was born here, graduated from a small local college (Cazenovia College, class of '08), and have been fortunate enough to find ample opportunity to live a meaningful, loving, and successful life here. I work with many other proud Real NY'ers, and love promoting the area to out of towners and new residents.

As someone who works in NYC on occasion and people from all over the country on a daily basis, there is a ton of misunderstanding and general lack of knowledge as to how large and diverse New York really is. I find great enjoyment in sharing how wonderful this area is with others and the sense of community and passion we all have for what makes us so unique. That is what has motivated me to create this platform.