Talk Like a Real New Yorker

Common words and phrases from each part of Real NY

Snowy Forest

Western NY (WNY)

Western NY'ers have a lot to say, and they don't really care if you agree or not. The local language reflects this spicy attitude and can be confusing for outsiders. If we can offer one piece of advice, it's that you shouldn't ever say ranch goes with wings.

Green Fields

Finger Lakes Region

Connoisseurs of taste and refinement, everything about this region exudes natural beauty and class, except for when they talk about the tourists. A diverse area of wine makers, nautical enthusiasts, naturists, and craftspeople, there is a saying for just about everything around here

Image by Andrew Sit

The Southern Tier

Where the trees are plentiful and the chicken is Spiedie, you won't have to talk slow to get your point across


Central New York

As the melting pot of the state, Central New York touches most of the other individual regions and incorporates their nuance into its ever changing fabric while still maintaining its own particular identity and litany of local sayings.


The North Country

Let's be honest here, they will tell you they are basically Canadian. You'll believe it too once you hear them speak. Should you come across one in the wild, approach with caution. While usually friendly, they have been known wrestle bears for sport and won't hesitate to what really happens in the woods....


The Capitol Region

Most things said here come with a side of pork, but once you get outside of Albany, there is a lot of local character and color.

Image by Hazal Ozturk

Adirondacks (ADK)

The whole region is basically a state park, but that doesn't mean life there doesn't have a particular way about it. Very few things are like the Adirondack Mountains and understanding the locals is as challenging as the becoming a 46'er.

River Valley

Hudson Valley

Uncomfortably close to Downstate, the local speech is almost a lost language, but there is just enough left to put your nerves at ease